Secure Payments offers payees and their family and friends a fast, easy way to make parole & probation and court-ordered payments.

Access SecureDeposits kiosk

By adding Secure Payments to your agency, you provide a convenient service that also helps improve your processes and increase collections. The best part is that we offer this service at no cost to you—we furnish all the hardware, software, cash management and technical support, and your agency experiences the benefits Secure Payments brings:

  • Payments are guaranteed and can be posted in real time.
  • Your staff no longer need to handle cash or money orders, and their workload is reduced.
  • Mail room and accounting staff workload is reduced
  • Your agency’s exposure to fraud and counterfeit money is eliminated.
  • You can build in revenue-generating features to cover other expenses.

We give users a number of convenient ways to make payments, including by toll-free phone, online at, via our mobile app, at a self-service lobby kiosk, by mail to a lockbox service (typically processed within 48 hours) and at retail walk-in locations nationwide.

This same convenient service can be used for inmate deposit services. Contact us today to begin taking advantage of everything Secure Payments can do for your agency.