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Introducing the SCORE 5 and SCORE 7 Secure Devices— purpose-built, locked-down, computing devices that help offenders pass their time constructively while improving themselves and preparing to re-enter society. Your facility will benefit from a calmer, better-behaved offender population and a safer corrections environment.


As with every technology we develop, security is paramount. That’s why both SCORE Secure Devices run on a customized Android 8.1 operating system locked down with layers of security features that include:

  • Firmware that cannot be replaced by anyone—even the Secure Device manufacturer.
  • A purpose-built Master Control app that enforces facility security rules.
  • App source code which is vetted by Keefe personnel and changed as needed.
  • Completely disabled peripherals (camera, microphone, etc.).
  • USB communication modified to proprietary protocol.
  • User ID and password authentication requirement to operate.
  • A mortality timer which ensures devices are synced at regular intervals.

The Secure Devices are never unlocked and can only communicate with Keefe’s kiosks using a proprietary, encrypted communication protocol.

You also benefit from a system that was first deployed in 2004 and has been exhaustively battle-tested for 15 years at hundreds of county, state and federal facilities:

  • We’ve deployed 14,000 kiosks and over 300,000 Secure Devices.
  • More than 326,000 offenders use our devices.
  • We handle over a million messages and several thousand video visits daily.
  • We’ve delivered 100 million songs.

Both SCORE Secure Devices are built specifically for the corrections environment, with rounded, transparent cases that are firmly fastened using security screws.


To create a more efficient, optimum user experience, we provide a local infrastructure that offers several significant benefits:

  • A local caching server allows all content to reside in your facility—offenders will have immediate access to content they request, rather than having to wait (as much as 20 minutes!) for downloads from a live network.
  • The option to use charging stations or locked charging cabinets.


Using SCORE Secure Devices, offenders have a wealth of options for occupying their time and enhancing their quality of life. They can take advantage of many free and fee-based features:

Educational Content

  • Life Skills Videos – More than two dozen tutorials for personal growth and successfully transitioning to life outside the corrections institution.
  • Project Gutenberg e-Books – More than 51,000 public-domain books in digital format
  • Khan Academy Lite – More than 7,000 instructional videos in 2,000 categories, and support materials, which cover a broad range of common- core subjects and provide a foundation for high school equivalency testing.

Connection to the Outside

  • Communication with loved ones using fee-based text, photo and video- gram messaging.


  • Music – Free FM radio and access to music purchase or subscription plans.
  • Movies – Access to 200+ movies for rental.
  • Games – A suite of free, pre-loaded games.
SCORE entertainment tablets showing media and games


We handle all the technical details associated with establishing a Secure Device program in your agency, including delivery and installation of all required infrastructure.

You’ll receive:

  • Secure local area network (LAN) at your agency and a local cache server.
  • WAN connectivity from your agency to Keefe’s cloud-hosted offender services data center.
  • Interface with your jail management and banking systems.
  • Sufficient kiosks to support the offender population.

Ownership Program

The Secure Device program is an ownership model through which offenders purchase Secure Devices for themselves. Their family members can also purchase a device for them. Upon release, offenders can ship the device back to Keefe and pay to have the security software removed. When they get it back, they can continue using the device and access any content they’d purchased.

Rental Program

Every offender is provided a tablet, funded either by Keefe or agency.  Rental costs are determined based how the program is funded, type of services and functionality made available to offender. 



OSGoogle Android 8.1
Purpose-built for correctional use 
CPUQuad-core Mediatek 8167
GPUMali-400 MP2
Screen5 inch IPS or 7 inch TN
ResolutionIPS 480*584 or TN 1024*600
Touch PanelYes
I/O portsOne microUSB
One 3.5mm headphone/microphone jack
FM RadioFM radio with RDS
Battery Type3.7V/4000mAh rechargeable lithium battery with NTC
CasingTransparent, double-thick back cover is
firmly fastened with security screws to
prevent breach/access.


G SensorYes
Front Camera2MP
Video FormatsSupports MP4, 3GP, AVI, RM, etc.
1080P video playback @30fps max
Audio FormatsMP3, MP2, OGG, AAC, M4A, AMR,
Picture FormatsJPG, BMP, PNG


ChargerAvailable for purchase — DC 5V 2A
Silicone CoverAvailable for purchase — custom fit

To learn more about adding the SCORE Secure Device Program to your institution, contact your account representative.

SCORE7 large secure device
SCORE5 small secure device