Secure Deposits offers an inmate’s family and friends an easy, immediate way to provide their loved ones with spending money, which translates to less workload for your staff and greater return to your agency.

The best part is that we offer this service at no cost to you—we furnish all the hardware, software and technical support, and your agency experiences the many benefits Secure Deposits technology brings:

Access SecureDeposit kiosk
  • All funds deposited to the inmate’s account are guaranteed and can be posted in real time.
  • Your staff no longer needs to handle cash and money orders, and their workload is reduced.
  • The kiosk photographs each depositor for potential investigative purposes, and our Data Detective software identifies individuals who make deposits into multiple inmate accounts.
  • The kiosk can be configued to accept bail payments, in real time where available, from detainees and their loved ones.
  • Your agency’s exposure to fraud and counterfeit money is eliminated.
  • You can add a revenue-generating component and configure the kiosks to accept bail payments.

We give users a number of convenient ways to make deposits, including toll-free by phone, online at, via our mobile app, at a self-service lobby kiosk, by mail to a lockbox service (typically processed within 48 hours) and at retail walk-in locations nationwide.

This same convenient service can be used for court-ordered, probation and parole payments. Contact us today to begin taking advantage of everything Secure Deposits can do for your agency.