The Access Secure Media player and music download program is an inmate entertainment technology designed to provide greater safety and security in correctional agencies.

Secure MP3 player in hands of inmate

The player is built with clear components, no moving or removable parts, and no recording devices, microphones or speakers. It’s pre-loaded with a catalog of millions of song titles, so inmates can spend endless hours searching for music without tethering to a kiosk. Because the system operates on a private network that Access Corrections hosts, it provides a safe, easy way to purchase music. The best part is that we offer this service at no cost to you—we furnish all the hardware, software and technical support, and your agency experiences the benefits Access Secure Media brings:

Music warden kiosk
  • Your staff no longer needs to manually sell, account for, replace or otherwise deal with cassettes and CDs.
  • Each player is programmed with the inmate’s name and ID#, so property officers don’t need to engrave it.
  • Because the player displays the inmate’s updated media balance, the business office receives fewer questions.
  • The media program offers education, games, mail and photos.

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