With Secure Mail, an inmate’s family and friends can quickly and easily send electronic messages to their loved one.

The service provides more timely communication, eliminates the hassles associated with postal mail, and, most importantly, helps inmates feel connected with those on the outside. Messages arrive at your agency in real time and, in most cases, are reviewed, approved and delivered to the inmate within 24 hours.

Secure Mail is processed through our Word Watch filtering system, which identifies and reports key words and phrases. Once your staff approves a message, it can be printed, sent for download through our Access to Entertainment media player program or sent to our Edge inmate kiosk. The best part is that we offer this service at no cost to you—we furnish all the hardware, software and technical support, and your agency experiences the benefits of Secure Mail:

Secure Mail dashboard
  • Workload is decreased – staff can easily review and approve ALL secure messages.
  • The potential for contraband is decreased. 
  • All messages are archived for future recall and investigative purposes.
  • Data Detective software automatically identifies individuals who have interacted with multiple inmates.
  • Messages typed in Spanish can be quickly translated to English.
  • One-way or two-way messaging is available, and you can add a revenue-generating component.

Contact us today to begin using Secure Mail in your agency.