Keefe Group has always been a pioneer in developing and providing the unique products and services correctional facilities need.

We’ve partnered with many name-brand companies and created our own private-label brands to ensure that safe, secure products and packaging reach the correctional market.

Through our Access Securepak Program, we deliver top-quality products in care packages that help keep contraband out of correctional facilities. Access Securepak is a one-stop shop for inmates’ family and friends to send items such as food, personal care products, clothing, shoes and electronics. We tailor each program to the individual needs of the correctional facility while keeping security, flexibility and convenience our highest priorities.

Keefe Group is dedicated to developing cutting-edge services and technologies to make the corrections industry more efficient and secure. Keefe Group offers three kiosks including: booking, lobby and pod styles for your facility’s unique needs. Our technology focuses on streamlining how correctional facilities manage and process the flow of information, financial transactions and entertainment for inmates and their families.

From coffee to kiosks, we offer thousands of products for your commissary, lobbies and/or Access Securepak programs. To learn more or request a product catalog, call 800-325-8998 today!