The KeepTrak Software System is a suite of programs ideally suited for managing correctional commissaries.

The programs include inmate banking, commissary and inventory. The programs may be used together to form a complete integrated solution or may be integrated with other banking systems.

KeepTrak Inmate Banking

Laptop showing KeepTrak dashboard

The KeepTrak Inmate Banking system enjoys 20 years of success managing inmate accounts. The system currently manages more than 200,000 inmate accounts at over 350 correctional institutions nationwide. Major features of the KeepTrak Inmate Banking system include:

  • Inmate Accounting – Providing convenient, flexible entry of all transactions related to the inmate’s financial history including deposits, withdrawals, purchases, refunds, debts, holds, payroll, savings, closeouts, transfers and abandoned funds.
  • Cash Management Workflow – Enforcing and retaining strict audit controls over the movement of cash and equivalents from facility to bank. The workflow automatically completes all required ledger transactions based on authorized checkpoints in the process of moving cash from booking, visit, mail room, release to vault to bank.
  • Bank Reconciliation – Matching bank transactions to banking statement totals, allowing users to enter bank statement data, clear and void transactions and print reconciliation reports and to link to the bank for positive pay and automated bank reconciliations.
  • Visual General Ledger – A book of original entry, an accounts payable journal and a report generator that lets users setup a chart of accounts, create transactions and utilize a full range of context-sensitive reports such as trial balance and transaction history.
  • Inmate Property – Including the ability to inventory inmate property, locate property in a variety of container types, assign property for use while incarcerated, release property and dispose of property
  • Real Time Financial Interfaces – Including direct debit interfaces to phone calling systems and online vending systems, automated deposit and disbursement capabilities including web, kiosk, phone deposits and MasterCard® logo debit card disbursement.

KeepTrak Commissary

The KeepTrak Commissary program starts its twenty-first year in the industry managing over 500,000 inmate shoppers and receipting more than 1.6 Million orders per month. Major features of the program include:

  • Flexible Order Collection – Including kiosk, phone, scan, counter sales, cart sales and vending. Restrictions are managed consistently across all methods of order collection
  • Dynamic Restrictions Processing – Including privilege level, progressive discipline, quantity and frequency of purchase by product, category and spending amount and coordination of inmate spending with Access Securepak family purchase programs.
  • Full Disclosure on Delivery Receipts – Denied item information is stored in the system and printed on delivery receipts to streamline and add transparency to the delivery process.
  • Integrated Billing – Linking the sales and refund activities at the facility to the KCN invoice and credit process makes bill paying timely and accurate.
  • Integrated Warehouse Fulfillment – When used with the KeepTrak Inventory system, commissary orders may be processed directly to the correctional agency fulfillment center for preparation and delivery.

KeepTrak Inventory/Fulfillment Systems

The KeepTrak Inventory/Fulfillment system joined the commissary system in 2005 for use by correctional agencies that manage commissary inventories. The system has been adopted in four states and a number of individual facilities. It is scheduled for implementation in two additional states. Major features of the program include:

  • Warehouse and Store Level Purchasing and Distribution – Including hierarchical or flat distribution models and the ability to group inventory locations into management sets for common pricing, product and vendor standards
  • Vendor Profiles – Including product providers with various product lines or delivery channel methods
  • Inventory Item Setup – Including vendor purchasing number, UPC, Days on Hand and Safety Level thresholds, as well as sales tax profiles
  • Store Item Setup – Including pricing, restrictions and gross margin rules
  • Purchasing – Including Auto-recommendations for restock based on sales history
  • Receiving – Automatic Update to Quantity on Hand
  • Transfers – From Warehouse to Warehouse and From Warehouse to Store
  • Cycle Counts
  • Inventory Adjustments
  • Fulfillment Options – Including Pick Ticket routing and Printing, Anonymous Pick, Grocery Till Bar-Code Verification and Automated Out of Stock Credits
  • Cost of Goods Sold and On-Hand reporting and audit trail
  • GL Posting of Inventory Transactions (when used with KeepTrak Inmate Banking)

Reporting and Data Accessibility

  • All KeepTrak Programs enjoy three levels of reporting including
    • Native workflow reporting within the application
    • Keefe Report Viewer reporting provided by Keefe with Keefe-supplied custom Crystal Reports
    • ODBC access to a variety of off-the-shelf reporting products including Microsoft Access and Excel.

The KeepTrak relational database is accessible by web services, ODBC connections, direct client connections as well as export flat file, delimited, XML or other industry standard formats.