Keefe Group offers three types of self-service kiosks that are implemented according to the state and facility in which an inmate is located:

Hand putting cash into booking kiosk

The Access Secure Intake Booking Kiosk is designed to collect money from new inmates in a secure fashion and with minimal officer interaction. It’s built around a virtual cash drawer in the Keefe Commissary Network software which cannot be manipulated. The drawer is closed every time the kiosk is emptied and a new drawer is immediately opened for continual use. Among its many features, the booking kiosk:

  • Accepts cash and coins during intake
  • Allows the booking officer or detainee to insert bills and coins when the detainee’s account is opened
  • Tracks all deposits during each shift
  • Allows booking deposits to be cleared more efficiently at end of shift
  • Ensures that booking deposits are secured during shifts and are only accessible by authorized staff
  • Reduces the intake process workload, cash handling and cost
  • Interfaces seamlessly with Keefe Commissary Network’s cash management software

Benefits to you:

  • No more handling cash during intake
  • No more manually inputting opening balances
  • No more human error
  • No more counting cash for initial deposits
  • No more re-counting cash drawers at shift closing
  • No more need to buy a separate cash box

Access Secure Intake not only reduces facility workload and the costs associated with the intake process, it also eliminates the possibility of human error.

Access Deposits kiosk

Access Secure Deposits Lobby Kiosk:

The Access Secure Deposits lobby kiosk gives inmates’ family and friends the flexibility to deposit funds via cash or credit card, increasing spendable cash in the inmate’s account and ultimately affording greater inmate spending and return to the facility. The best part is, this service is completely FREE to all correctional facilities.

Benefits of Access Secure Deposits:

  • All funds deposited to the inmate’s account are GUARANTEED
  • The need for facility staff to handle cash and money orders is eliminated
  • Our Access Secure Data Detective software automatically identifies those on the outside who have interacted with multiple inmates
  • The workload of mail room and accounting staff is reduced
  • Exposure to fraud/counterfeit money is eliminated
  • The kiosk takes a photo of each depositor for potential investigative purposes
  • Real-time posting of funds is available

Friends and family members have several other options for depositing funds:

Toll-Free Number – With multiple call centers, we can provide prompt, uninterrupted service, and our highly qualified and bilingual agents provide exceptional support to our phone customers

Online –After users set up an online account, they’ll have 24/7 access to details on all previously placed deposit amounts, dates and times

Lobby Kiosk – Many of our customers have eliminated handling deposits at their facilities by installing our lobby deposit kiosks, which accept cash, credit and debit cards

Money Order Lockbox Service – The collection of money orders from friends and family. All Lock Box collection is maintained by our staff and all funds are guaranteed

Walk-in Cash – Keefe Commissary Network is partnered with several walk-in cash payment retail locations. These walk-in locations provide an additional method for making cash deposits closer to home

Edge kiosk being used by male inmate

The Edge Pod Kiosk is the leading inmate self-service system used by correctional facilities nationwide. It provides the functionality, user-friendliness and security that will make your facility safer and more efficient. The touch-screen kiosk allows inmates to:

  • Access account balances and transaction history
  • Place commissary orders
  • View facility bulletins and information
  • Create and view personal calendars and request appointments
  • Communicate with family through Access Secure Mail
  • Receive approved photos from family and friends through Access Secure Photo
  • Sync media players and purchase media via pre-paid accounts
  • Draft a request for informal resolution, grievance or appeal
  • Review phone charges and call history
  • Subscribe to special order items

The Edge Kiosk can interface with other facility functions and allows inmates to view account history in real time. It’s highly secure, durable construction and low-profile silhouette (3-1/2˝ deep x 20-1/8˝ high x 18-3/8˝ wide) allow The Edge to fit easily into any correctional environment.

And because Keefe Commissary Network designs and supports all of the hardware and software, we can add the features our customers need.

Most importantly, there’s no direct cost to your facility. Many companies charge a per-kiosk fee, and/or charge for spares, replacements and service. When you partner with Keefe Commissary Network, the pod kiosks are rolled into your total commissary package.