In 1975, Keefe Supply Company entered the correctional market by supplying single-serve coffee packets to a Florida prison.  Keefe understood the need for improvement in correctional product offerings and pioneered the packaging evolution of products sold through correctional commissaries.  Keefe began packaging instant coffee and drink mixes in sealed paper pouches and was the first to offer pouch-packaged seafood, eliminating the security threat associated with metal and glass containers.

Today, Keefe is comprised of six operating companies, each focused on distinct aspects of commissary operations: Keefe Supply CompanyKeefe Commissary NetworkAccess SecurepakAccess CorrectionsICSolutions and Advanced Technologies Group.

Keefe Group is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, and has facilities nationwide, including twenty-two distribution centers. We also maintain our own manufacturing facility, where we package a variety of name brand and private-label products.

At Keefe, we focus exclusively on corrections, developing the most innovative products and services and making customer satisfaction our number one priority.