Collection of packaged foods including coffee, potato chips, cheese dip, and others

Keefe Group has developed a full line of securely packaged private-label foods, including Brushy Creek™, Fresh Catch™, Cactus Annie’s™, Market Square Bakery ™ and many more. Whether you’re looking for healthy options, Hispanic selections or items that are the right size for jails, we have what you need.

Seafood • Meat Snacks • Ready-to-Eat Meals • Cookies & Crackers • Ramen Soup • Candy • Cheese Products • Chips • Nuts

Collection of health and beauty items

Keefe Group offers an extensive line of skin- and hair-care products which deliver name-brand performance at a remarkable value. ProTection™,  Elementz™ and New Day are just some of the original products we’ve developed for the correctional market.

Shampoos • Conditioners • Lotions • Shaving Products • Deodorants • Toothpastes • Mouthwashes • Vitamins • Supplements

Collection of electronic devices and articles of clothing

Keefe Group also offers apparel, athletic footwear, electronics and personal items. Our thorough understanding of correctional facilities’ unique security needs allows us to develop a line of specialty merchandise, including a comprehensive selection of clear products.

Jeans & Denim • Shirts • Shorts • Sweats • Underwear • Hats • Jackets • Shoes • Boots • Televisions • Typewriters • CD Players • Portable Radios • Headphones • Watches & Clocks • Fans • Batteries