Secure Photo gives an inmate’s family and friends the ability to share photos and stay connected with their loved one electronically.

Since our inception, we’ve been pioneers in the development of products and packaging designed to meet the correctional industry’s unique safety and security requirements.  Our innovations include soft-pouch food containers which replaced dangerous metal cans, clear housing for electronics and clear packaging of food and personal care items.

SecurePhoto kiosk device
  • The potential for contraband hidden in traditional photographic ink or under postage stamps is reduced, and costs for returning unapproved photos are eliminated.
  • Staff can more quickly review and approve ALL photos, up to 36 at a time.
  • All photos are archived for future recall and investigative purposes.
  • Our Access Secure Data Detective software automatically identifies individuals who interact with multiple inmates.
  • Inmates feel connected with their loved ones’ daily lives.
  • You can add a revenue-generating component.

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