Keefe Supply Company is the nation’s leading provider of food, personal care items , shoes, electronics and clothing to prison and jail commissaries nationwide.

Since our inception, we’ve been pioneers in the development of products and packaging designed to meet the correctional industry’s unique safety and security requirements.  Our innovations include soft-pouch food containers which replaced dangerous metal cans, clear housing for electronics and clear packaging of food and personal care items.

Today we offer more than 10,000 name-brand and private-label products to county jails, federal prisons and every institution in between.  Regardless of facility size or scope, our goal is always the same:  100% customer satisfaction. 

Toward that end, we’ll always offer:

  • Exceptional service
  • The right products in the right packaging
  • A nationwide distribution network
  • Same-day shipping
  • No shipping or handling fees

By listening closely to our customers and delivering exactly what they need, we’ll continue to lead the way in correctional commissary supply.  To request a Keefe Group catalog or learn more about our services, call 1.800.325.8998 today.