The Inmate booking kiosk is designed to securely collect money from new inmates, with minimal oficer interaction.

The kiosk attaches to the KeepTrak Inmate Banking System and calculates the inmate’s deposit as bills and coins are inserted. A receipt is generated when the deposit is completed. Cash is secured within the kiosk throughout the shift and the kiosk totals are automatically reconciled to receipt totals. The booking kiosk relies on a virtual cash drawer in our proprietary software that cannot be manipulated. The drawer is closed every time the kiosk is emptied, and a new drawer is immediately opened for continual use. When cash is cleared for deposit to the bank, the system automatically resets the kiosk totals for the next shift.

Hand putting cash into booking kiosk

Among its many features, the booking kiosk:

  • Accepts cash and coins during intake, and tracks all deposits during each shift
  • Allows the booking officer or detainee to insert bills and coins when the detainee’s account is opened
  • Allows booking deposits to be cleared more efficiently at shift end
  • Ensures that booking deposits are secured during shifts and are only accessible by authorized staff
  • Reduces the workload, handling of cash and cost of the intake process
  • Interfaces seamlessly with Keefe’s cash management software

Benefits to you:

  • No more handling cash during intake
  • No more manually inputting opening balances
  • No more human error
  • No more counting cash for initial deposits
  • No more re-counting cash drawers at shift closing
  • No more need to buy a separate cash box

The booking kiosk reduces facility workload and the costs associated with the intake process, and minimizes human error.