What We Sell

Keefe Group has developed a full line of securely packaged private-label foods, including Brushy Creek™, Fresh Catch™, Cactus Annie's™, Market Square Bakery and many more. Whether you’re looking for healthy options, Hispanic selections or items that are the right size for jails, we have what you need.

Seafood • Meat Snacks • Ready-to-Eat Meals • Cookies & Crackers • Ramen Soup • Candy • Cheese Products • Chips • Nuts

Keefe Group offers an extensive line of skin- and hair-care products which deliver name-brand performance at a remarkable value. ProTection™,  Elementz™ and New Day are just some of the original products we’ve developed for the correctional market.

Shampoos • Conditioners • Lotions • Shaving Products • Deodorants • Toothpastes • Mouthwashes • Vitamins • Supplements

Footwear and Electronics

Keefe Group also offers apparel, athletic footwear, electronics and personal items. Our thorough understanding of correctional facilities’ unique security needs allows us to develop a line of specialty merchandise, including a comprehensive selection of clear products.

Jeans & Denim • Shirts • Shorts • Sweats • Underwear • Hats • Jackets • Shoes • Boots • Televisions • Typewriters • CD Players • Portable Radios • Headphones • Watches & Clocks • Fans • Batteries