Offender Management Suite

Advanced Technologies Group’s (ATG) Offender Management Suite (OMS) supports all facets of offender supervision and provides officers a unified view of the entire continuum of supervision (pre-trial, probation, incarceration and parole).

The suite of applications is an integrated system of software solutions designed to improve a corrections agency’s efficiency and effectiveness. The system collects and presents information in a fashion that enables management make more informed strategic decisions. We developed these solutions by interviewing over 1,000 users from different areas of corrections, public safety and courts and by applying over 400 combined years of professional expertise.


All information is stored in a structured format designed specifically to enable users to evaluate the effectiveness of various programs, services and service providers. Having a single central database supporting institutions,
community-based corrections and field offices allows executive management to improve operational efficiencies, design offender re-entry initiatives and reduce recidivism. Since OMS is specifically designed to support information sharing between agencies, the corrections industry is now able to enjoy the benefits of linking with systems from other agencies.